9/15-9/30/2008- Puma I-Cycle REVIEW!!

For those who missed this event last night now is your chance to go there at your leisure.
I went last night to the opening and it was jammed pack. Curated by VIce,"ChED" of Chief magazine and Puma, or that is what I was told who some of the artists were invited, just seemed a bit done before. Mixed with some bike photos from some of the usual suspects, Maggie Lee, and Jeff Mayer, yet omitting those who I expected to see in the show (Todd Seelie), who were not even invited. This show was fun as a night to gather, drink beer and hang out, but a totally disappointment by far as an art opening. Nothing seemed new, fresh, or even strong enough to make you want to walk around the space. You could stay planted into one spot and see it all, blur one bike picture with another and not really care about( or be able to tell the difference between) the artist. This seemed to similar to the show that was held for the bicycle film festival the year before. Is Vice just trying to jump on the pegs of the bike bandwagon? Puma lost its edge? Why the fuck is "ChED" involved?
With the towers of tall bikes outside, track bikes and fix gears, it was easy to thing:
 is the energy of bike riding over? Has the world come to the point where tall bikes and fix gears will soon be mass produced by Target and ToysRus? Since when is it the cool thing to expose a culture?
Im looking forward to a show curated by someone who has been apart of bike riding, understands it energy, its flow and its purpose. Someone who will take it to the next level and not make a cliche out of something that is universal.

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