9/22/2008- Black Book Launch

Did anyone attend the andrew W.K event they had a few days ago? How did it go? Was it him with just a keyboard? DO TELL.

8PM – 11PM
@ Santos Party House
100 Lafayette St

w DJ Jonathan Toubin spinning 45 rpm rock & soul

WITH SPECIAL GUESTS ranging from the flexible to the ferocious…

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Anonymous said...

The Andrew WK show was amazing!!!!!!! I was there with 3 friends, two of whom were from out of town and had never been to NY before, so it was a real big deal for them. Mr WK played solo with his keyboard and there were other great performers by some crazy acts. One of them wore a gothic baseball uniform. Another guy had a baloon head and was 7 feet tall. A great way to spend Monday night in Manhattan!!!!!!!!

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