9/28/2008- MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL!!!!!! WOOOOOO!!!!!!

Dudes, no seriously I wait all year for this shit! This is sooooooo rad, reallly. Feel like a square, get dressed like a forest elf,truly....and watch some real awesome jousting...eat a huge chicken leg.. and watch some human chess....ill see thy fare face there, and say just thy need reply to grace, and yet thy only sense I see, will be your face.
P.S IT IS STILL HAPPENING...even tho the weather is shitty.

THE 2008 MEDIEVAL FESTIVAL AT FORT TRYON PARKThe 2008 Medieval Festival will take place on Sunday, September 28 from 11:30AM to 6 PM. There will be authentic medieval music, magic, mime, theater as well as jugglers and jesters and a spectacular joust between knights on horseback.

The Festival starts at Margaret Corbin Circle/190th Street and Fort Washington Avenue. It will extend all the way around the world famous Cloisters, a magnificent Museum of Medieval art. Visitors are encouraged to come by public transportation.

There is no admission charge but a donation of $1 per person at the Wishing Well would be appreciated

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