Matt and Kim drop it like its hot! REVIEW

Who ever it was who thought the Cool Kids, Flosstradamus and Matt and Kim were an awesome pair was GENIUS! Last nights show (thanks to Kim giving me a VIP wristband the night before) was amazing. It brought back some older memories of the pair as well as a new edge all of its own. Opening with "EYE OF THE TIGER" and some other intros to other well known hiphop/rap anthems, this show totally made me ask the big question "When is the rap cover album coming out?" Matts reply ":laughs:" Luckly for me I got to crowd surf to the last song, and safely landed in a crowd of stink, sweaty, fans. Kim wearing the EFF YOU SEE KAY shirt (as advertised to the left ) made by Article clothing, and Matt without his glasses, made me in a long time remeber what life was like back in college, and brought the old feeling of NYC (although in a new Venue) back to its toes. Word, to your mother.

*Image by Nick Chatfield Taylor

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