Last night ruled,just wanted to give a big hot thanks to ARTICLE mag and clothing (see link to the right) for spending the night hitting up some cool events with me. Our first stop was the NEW YORK COUTURE event at Mansion. Luckly for us, they held some goodie bags for press so we didnt have to fight to get one. Dont know how much I was feeling the actual clothes (except for the snake dress which I think is Brillant, actually I love all their animal inspired creations) it all seemed to DIY and Urban Outfitters esque for my taste. But hey I aint knocking.

We then made our way to V mag party up on a rooftop over looking times square. My wet hot love Agyness Deyn was djing with good friend Spencer, and we got to sip on some elderflower yummy tonic and vodka mixes...by the time we finished we went to head over to the Blond event, but it was dying down. Instead we went to the Beatrice Inn (Duffie was in town and Article Mag hearts Duffie) and literally danced with Kristen Dunst, and Keira Knightly. Kristen was wearing some sock thin on her head, she looked like a rasta, and smoked Parlament cigs all night. Keira danced and jumped around to the song "hip hop hurray" Shes really cute in person. She wore some shimmery pink short cocktail dress. I was waiting for Lindsay to show, but no luck.
Tonight is yet another night of Fashion Week Events...SO go to search and type in 9/11 and ill. see you on the dance floor.

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