TONIGHT! PIZZA! The Movie And Party (my pick for the night)

3rd Ward
195 morgan Ave, Brooklyn
8 pm

"The Greatness of Pizza is not unknown to Man. The drama of sinking one's teeth into gooey, melted cheese and a deliciously crisp crust is familiar to all. But pizza is not "just a pie", it’s a way of life! Join us for a night of eating, drinking, dough tossing and Pizza! 
The Movie. Stand by as The U.S. Pizza Team heads to theThe World Pizza Championship in Italy, revel at dough tossing acrobatics and gasp at pizza sabotage! Filmmaker Michael Dorian captures the laughs, the cries and the scandals that surround this provocative source of pleasure and nourishment. Spend the night celebrating your favorite food with a documentary, drinks and djs!

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