6/4/2009- SOMETHING TIGHT! (For the boys)


Art fags are for fart-bags at
Thursday, June 4th!

Google on down to Happy Ending
where Dj's
Timmy and Telfar
will tickle your earbones with super-hits!

We'll be hosting the afterparty
for Envoy Gallery's new show by
Check it out, bro!

2-4-1 cocktails and brews from 10-11
and plenty of tic-​tic-​tickets!​!​!​

302 Broome St
between Eldridge and Forsyth
Look for the pink awning.

If you're lucky, you'll get banana skull-humped!


also, brace yourselves...

The last Something Tight is June 18th!
We're gonna really send it off right.

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