6/9/2009- Secret Science Club

Time: 8:00pm
Location: Bell House (149 7th St., P'Slope)
Cost: Free

Secret Science Club

Bell House brings you your monthly installment of Secret Science Club, one of my favorite Brooklyn events. Come nerd it up with mind-blowing lectures, volatile cocktails, and chemically-altered sounds. Tonight, "dive into summer with marine biologist Jack Costello as he lectures on the spineless wonders of the world’s oceans. Cavort with gelatinous and ghostly creatures such as jellyfish (cnidarians) and their comb jelly brethren (ctenophores)...A professor of biology at Providence College and featured scientist in the PBS documentary The Shape of Life, Dr. Costello asks: Why do sea jellies have such creepy-seeming body forms? How do they kill their prey? Why is so little known about undersea invertebrates when they make up such an enormous part of Earth’s biomass?" Before and after groove to free-floating tunes and video from Davey Jones’ locker, try our aquatic cocktail, the Alien Stinger and stick around for the Q&A.

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