8/30/2009- Bikes in the Kitchen Benefit

PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT A GOOD CAUSE! this summer has been a particularly difficult one. after returning from a brief hiatus i have taken several blows from the promotional world. in june i took the fall for booking a show at "jungle space" after the owners and promoters ran while the space got raided by undercover police. i was subsequently arrested and fined. most recently, i threw a show last saturday which was a major financial blow for me and to make matters worse my very expensive bike got stolen!! also, a bunch of other crap that you probably don't want to hear about...

PLEASE come out and support me and bikesinthekitchen so that i can continue throwing cheap, all ages shows. at this point it will take me months to recoup all the money i've lost. help me jump start my financial obligations! 

i love throwing shows for you, i love being part of something positive in the community. my intentions have never been to profit monetarily from these shows and i do not intend to in the future. i do this because i love music!!

this sunday will be a particularly fun bar night with the return of DRUNKY BREWSTER and DIRTY FINGER, supported by REV MCFLY (NinjaSonik) and myself, C-LO playing music all night!!

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