9/22/2009- A TeaDance Party

A teadance party 

hosted by Secret Project Robot's Happyfun
at Horse Trader Gallery (519 Grand St. 2nd flr)
Free cookies, champagne and disco


There is an order in which tea party foods are to be eaten.  First, scones or muffins, 
then sandwiches, and lastly, 

Take small bites.  Never stuff the whole sandwich or dessert in your mouth

 even though it seems small enough.

Do not dine with gloves on.

When seated at a table, raise only the teacup to drink, not the saucer.  Place the teacup gently back on the saucer.  If you are not seated at a table, simply hold the saucer in your lap with your left hand and raise the teacup with your right hand.  Return the cup to the saucer between sips.

Never dip a scone in jam or cream.  Pretend it is a dinner roll.  Break off bite size pieces and add the jam or cream in your own plate.  Scones are not to be eaten with a fork.

Never sip or slurp tea.

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