9/3/2009- Weekly Dose of The DKS List of Art Openings

  • Kal Spelletich, Craig Baldwin, Erikc Lyle, Damaris Drummond: Closing Extravaganza forCalifornia Investigative Healing With: Banjo Players outdoors! while we BB-Q with a walking BB-Q out front, Eric Lyle reading from his book, Hexahexaflexagon Fortune-Telling Shoppe & Lemonade Stand, ALSO: Interactive exercise and robotic DJ booth Videos, Mock Up On Mu film screening, Electro Shock Treatment, Spanish Fly Elixer and Elixer robot, Chocolate Mess Machines, Walking BB-Q, The Glowing Pickle, 40,000 Volt Garlic (In the backroom: BEN BERLOW) at Jack Hanley Gallery, 136 Watts Street, 6-8
  • David Rhodes & Dan Shaw-Town, Drawings, Gallery C at Team, 83 Grand Street, 6-8
  • Tauba AuerbachHERE AND NOW/AND NOWHERE at Deitch Projects, 18 Wooster Street, 6-8 “A super-promising artist who uses sign-painting techniques, math, mysticism and philosophy to "explore the impossible. . . to violate itself, or crumple it, or double it back on itself." Its retinally exciting, logical and cerebral all at once.” Jerry Saltz
  • Closing reception: Careerists and Visionaries at Marc Jancou Contemporary, 680 Broadway, entrace on Great Jones Alley, 6-8
  • Marks at CHC Gallery, 511 West 20th Street, 6-8
  • Kehinde Wiley, Black Light at Deitch Projects, 76 Grand Street,
  • Jasper Sebastian Sturup, I Don't Believe You, It Used To Be Like That And Now It Goes Like This curated by Ingrid Chu, Savannah Gorton at Forever & Today, Inc., 141 Division Street, Ground Floor, 6-8
  • Careerists & Visionaries closing reception at Marc Jancou, 680 Broadway at Great Jones, 12-5
  • Closing reception: Adam Taye, Ben Berlow, Ben Needham, Chris Burnside, Chris McGee, Jessica Witkin, Sam Martineau, Sarah McDougald Kohn, Tania Cross Outside the Time Zone curated by Christopher Rawson, Julian Calero at Camel Art Space, 722 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, 7-9
  • Deborah Brown, Hyungsub Shin, Jon Elliott Urban Biotic curated by Aurora Robson, Mariko Tanaka at Lumenhouse, 47 Beaver Street, 7-10pm

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