a lil bird told me that....

there is a Candy Crack Delivery Service

This is make-believe for adults. Instead of cops and robbers, we play drug dealer and junkie. How would a 6 year-old sell drugs? To find out the answer, call the Candy Crack Delivery Service for a delivery of a 100 percent sugar crack rock (multi-colored and multi-flavored with snow cone syrup) to your Brooklyn house. Expect a 7-foot tall man in a plush, blue fish mascot head, white gloves and a tuxedo to come knocking soon after you call or text for delivery. You can purchase a few candy crack rocks for $1 a pop in a 1 x 1 dime bag. Can't say too much here because y'know it's drugs.

Serving Williamsburg and Greenpoint Only
Call or text 347 742 2293 for delivery 
10p-2a; $1

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