10/31/2009- The Last Masquerade

Step I : Create a costume, create a posse, create an alibi.
Step II : Come to Brooklyn, get-down like there’s no tomorrow.
Step III : Prepare for the end.

If October 31st is your last Halloween Night, how will you live it?

You are invited to:
The Last Masquerade

Three vast spaces in the dark heart of Brooklyn have been re-imagined for
this all-night adventure. Over three dozen artists and performers will
infuse these forgotten structures with a pre-apocalyptic fairy-tale built
on music, mischief and a heavy dose of the unexpected.

Your night begins at:

260 Meserole St., Bushwick Brooklyn
and continues at two indoor loft spaces steps away...

7pm through 7am : Saturday October 31st.
$20 : Costumes will be rewarded : 21+
Arrive before 8:59pm and you pay only $10.

You begin at, "The Chapel", this 114 year old brick and iron fortress
serves as an introduction to the night, a place of reckoning/reflection,
featuring "The Gamelatron" the world's first fully robotic gamelan
orchestra by Aaron Taylor Kuffner, the "Riot Temple" by Ryan O'Connor and
lighting effects by SeeJ.

Next is "The Sanctuary", the only safe place for lost souls before the end
of time.  Reckless music mixes with art made of fire and apocalyptic
performance by The Lady Circus (expect a touch of riot mixed with
euphoria).  Three floors of lofts and lounges will be set to a sound track
building from live dub to soulful hip-hop to throwdown disco-house by: Sam
Sparro & Golden playing with the Love Grenades, Justin Carter & Eamon
Harkin, Derek Plaslaiko, dj Grimace, $mall Change and the wildly rising
live sound of the Subatomic Sound System with special guests dj Collage
aka Mr. Chatman and Jahdan Blakkamoore.

Finally is "The Ever After", as the sunrises this is our final refuge. 
Featuring "The Falling Flowers" installation by Jen Poueymirou, wall to
wall video projections by Chris Jordan, the live sound hijinx of the
Mickey Western Band and Mary-Go-Round, fire art by the Fire Mavens and the
tightly architected techno brilliance of Derek Plaslaiko, dj Kimyon and
Zemi 17.

The Last Costume Competition:
On this night, everyone is famous. Enter the "Last Costume Competition",
where pro-photographer Alexey Yurenev will take photos of your get-up to
be projected and voted on by the rest of the party.  The winning costume
(or group costumes) will win international fame and their choice of: a one
year supply of liquor, a $250 gift certificate to Toys in Babeland, the
Mystery Box or you can just take the cash ($250). Arrive early to be in
competition, we will be taking photos and votes from 8pm to 11pm (the
earlier you enter the competition, the more votes you can cajole from the
crowd.  Bribes are encouraged.)

This night will be a mix of brilliant performance, outlandish costumes,
games of chance, rockstar zombies, half nude angels, mercy for few, sips
of absinthe, rewards for the wicked, self-fulfilled prophecy, forgotten
inhibition, sweat/beauty on the dancefloor, excuses for anything, another
heady escape from a world gone awry...

Full details and a growing list of performers is available at:

Congratulations to the seven selected tribes who have won full comps to
the event.  We will be contacting you in the next day with details on what
you get, and what is expected of you.

Dozens of artists and performers are coming together to make this party
happen.  Do your part and respect the neighborhood.  Please, don't do that
obnoxious thing that could end the night early for everyone.  We've booked
two large event spaces and one intro space in order to ensure all of this
can run smoothly.  Halloween is, beyond measure, our favorite holiday. 
It's one of those moments when New York City almost makes sense -
children, gender-bending, exhibitionism, parades, candy, liquor and nights
of endless masquerade.  This is as good as it gets.  All of us together is
what makes it work.

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