11/7/2009- BLACK THURSDAY HALLOWEEN CITY!!! and more..

Black Thursday Halloween City!!! Black Friday Fireworks Stand

Modeling itself after various forms of impromptu, transient, rogue and temporary sites of commerce, BTHCBFFS is a short-term project where artists will present their recent multi-disciplinary work in a sympathetic environment open to buyers, browsers, detectives, and government officials. The show attempts to examine the ways artists can interface with the economy, the art-world, and the marketplace in the windswept recessional of 2009. Circuit City becomes HALLOWEEN CITY. If you walk around you are bound to find something good. 

In this show: 

surprisingly well made things
things that would make hilarious living room d├ęcor
spooky stuff
proud knock-offs
something you need
probably some costumes
sound making machines
really weird color combinations.
strange materials
goth kids
0 jobs created
it is really crowded and people are going to stop randomly in front of you
everything is for sale
illegal fireworks
over 70 artists

The exhibition spans five loft spaces on the second floor of 1717 Troutman St., a newly renovated commercial building on the Bushwick-Ridgewood border. BTHCBFFS will also include video, installation, and performance hosted by the Play With Fire Festival, and will participate in BETA Spaces, a free one-day festival of group exhibitions in Bushwick.

BTHCBFFS will run from 11/7 through 11/15. 
Opening reception 11/7/09 4pm-8pm
BETA Spaces 11/8/09 12-7pm
Performance Night/Closing Party 11/15/09 4pm-12am 
Hours 12-4 daily 
Directions: L train to Jefferson stop, north 3 blocks on Troutman St. 
contact: quizotic.1717@gmail.com

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