a little bird told me that...

"The Dream of Sarit

When our eyes are closed our minds conjure trips through beautiful lands, hands running through soft hair, kisses on glittered lips, whipped cream gently resting mountains of ice cream and wind blowing over our faces as we fly through sunset scenes. Sometimes these dreams seep into our waking life and these are the times that make us feel like it's worth being awake. It's time to bring our dreams out of our subconscious and into a night of surreal splendor. We invite you to join in Sarit's and Becky's waking dream.

Magic beats by DJ RGB, DJ Reagonomics, $mall ¢hange. Live music by Sauce, Juliet, Ben-Ami on Guitar. Live music by Sex During Wartime (Shirtless?). Opera on Demand and a few surprises that are sure to rock the house. There will be a bubbling six-person jacuzzi calling your name until midnight. Photo project by Joe Che. Bring your own ice cream, a pint with spoons. Dress to express what's been in your dreams. Think white, soft, fluffy, glittery or raw and uninhibited. Bring your bathing suit.

RSVP for address, Brooklyn
J,M,Z trains to Myrtle/Broadway station
9:30p-late; $free, cash specialty bar
pagenotfoundspacegmail.com "

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