2/12/2010- Seasick Mama presents

Seasick Mama & Casey RAnderson present:


Date: February 12th, 2010 from 7:00 - 10:00 PM

Where: 237 Lafayette Street @ Spring

Seasick Mama will be exclusively presenting a special exhibit at INVEN.TORY titled, F♥CK YOU x F♥CK ME. The exhibit will glorify the work of Casey RAnderson in a over-the-top personal photography exhibit. The photos will displayed in three different mediums: prints, apparel, and a nice cozy bed for everyone to climb in.

In this series, Casey RAnderson photographed his New York City friends in their most vulnerable state, having an orgasm. His intention was to photograph his subjects in this awkward pose, and make it beautiful to look at, beautiful to wear, and to conceptualize the image.

Seasick Mama started to leak the new photographs by printing them on Valentines Day Cards, that were launched widely on DailyCandy.com, and made their way into stores including, Cry Wolf, Teddy Boy, Love Brigade and now INVEN.TORY. With excitement from Mike Townsend, the owner of INVEN.TORY, he has invited SSM + CRA to celebrate February 12th, 2010 with an epic night of art, fashion, and bedroom exploration.

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