a little bird told me that...

"This is a story of an icon.

There are locations in this city with a history and energy so powerful
their story can galvanize a community. 142 11th Ave, New York City, New
York is the former site of the world's most infamous leather bar: The
Eagle's Nest. From 1970 through March 5th, 2000, the space held nights of
passion, beauty, conflict and controversy.

This Friday, March 5th, ten years to the day of the closing of The Eagle's
Nest, you are invited to experience an art installation exploring the
fragility of infamy, the passing of phenomenon and the power that memories
can hold. "142 11th Ave, New York City, New York" is a 12' by 15'
installation of 88 pieces of etched glass, wrought iron and an all
encompassing sound composition.

Friday, 7pm through Midnight

Absolutely Free

Details: http://www.emma17.com

The art is big, the sound is expansive, the liquor is free. This project
is being presented by Ryan O'Connor of the Madagascar Institute, Taylor
Kuffner / Zemi 17, and William Etundi Jr. of TheDanger.com."

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