Hey fans in USA, here at Desigual, we want to say See-You-Later to the summer in a Desigual way. How? Giving away our clothes to the brave people who come to our stores wearing no pants!

This is the deal:
The first 100 people, who arrive at our Soho store in NYC, wearing just their underwear, will walk out in a two-piece Desigual outfit. For Free!

...http://www.youtube.com/use r/webdesigual#p/u/0/IKiYai CfGcI

When the doors open and the first 100 are admitted, this shopping spree will take on a festive atmosphere. You will have the store to yourselves for 1 hour to snap up your Desigual goodies. All apparel on the racks will be up for grabs — including the now-arriving fall/winter collection!

Dates, locations, details:

Thursday, September 23rd
Desigual – Soho
594 Broadway @ Houston,
NYC 10012

• Sunrise: 6:42 a.m.
• Line starts: 7 a.m.
• Qualification: 9 a.m.
• Doors open: 10 a.m.
• Rain Date: Friday, September 24, 2010

And, all people in line, on their underwear, after the first 100 will receive a 50% discount on same-day purchases. Because we’re good like that.

Iron your undies now! Be prepared for the first NYC Desigual Undie Party!

=> If you can´t make it for the 23rd, there will be a second date on the 28th. <=

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