3/31/2012- @BabyCastles presents Harpy Diem w @AnnaAnthropy x @DuckDuckPoison x @VIrtuaSwordsman x @DanFriel x @GDFX + mo' RSVP NOW!

Why design games? Anna Anthropy (aka Auntie Pixelante)'s new book "Rise of the Videogame Zinesters" discusses this very idea. Part DIY manual, part autobiography, Anna analyzes her own reasons for entering the world of game design and how everyone can use this medium to express their ideas. To celebrate, we're holding a book release party and new Babycastles arcade at Secret Project Robot!

In addition to Anna reading from her new book, an entirely new games curation at Secret Project Robot will make its debut with the following games:

Kompendium by Michael Brough - a psychedelic 2-player competitive game.

Virtua Swordsman by Pizza Time

Duck Duck Poison - a brand new game by Auntie Pixelante, created especially for this event!

The night will finish off with musical performances by

Dan Friel (mem. Parts & Labor)
Stolen Temple Pileup (mem. Cinders Gallery, DUBKNOWDUB)


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