If you missed it: RECAP @DIPLO 128 Beats Per Minute OPENING @MILKSTUDIOS by @thecharleswall

RECAP: Diplo x 128 Beats Per Minute

By Charles Wall for The Printup List 4/8/2012
On Saturday evening, Milk Gallery celebrated the launch of 128 Beats Per Minute: Diplo’s Visual Guide to Music, Culture, and Everything in Between. The book is the marriage of visual and audio between photographer Shane McCauley and disc jockey Thomas Pentz a.k.a. Diplo. The book itself contains nearly 200 pages of pure dopeness — spanning seven years in thirty-two countries. With each turn of the page you’re taken on the journey. From photos of glorious landscapes to Diplo’s studio sessions. There are sprinkles of humanity in every picture, as if you can feel the emotion emanating through the paper. I found myself spending a good 45 mins to an hour looking through this book. I would suggest everyone check this book out. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Limited signed copies are available through the Milk Store. Check out the rest of the review and photos here

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