7/24/12- You are invited to the Launch of Luxury Brand @Perseverer w @OJWILLAMS x @JAYWHITE + @DJMAGIC w #openbar RSVP a MUST!

Who: Luxury Brand Persévérer

What:The Launch of Luxury Brand Persévérer

When:July 24th

Where: Pulqupria
11 Doyers Street (chinatown)

Time: 7:pm-10pm
Open Bar: 7:00pm-8:00pm

Music by: Jay White & Hot 97 DJ Magic

Hosted by The Source Magazine Fashion Editor OJ Willams

RSVP: http://bit.ly/M30s8s

About Persévérer :

Persévérer (purr suh vuh day), or PRSVR, is an elevated lifestyle brand launching in 2012. Entering as an American Luxury brand, PRSVR is focused on targeting culture creators in many different fields. By culture creators, we are focusing on a vast range of individuals when it comes to age, taste, profession, income level, race, and location in life, as opposed to being limited to any type of classification.

Pesévérer (pur suh vuh day) the french translation for persevere or PRSVR (Pursuit, Resilience, Sacrifice, Value, Respect) is largely based upon the premise of striving to better ones self, while aspiring to inspire others. In launching PRSVR, the initial collection of leather based luggage and outerwear combines themes of style, versatility, and functionality within each piece. Each piece in the Destination 2012 line utilizes premium materials such as nappa leather, hand crafted designs, and in most cases Slaughter Free Leather which is something the brand takes great pride in displaying as often as possible. Destination 2012 will include several luggage pieces, outerwear, and travel tops for both men and women.

PRSVR consists of Brandon Williamson-designer/CEO, Jermaine Barnwell-designer, Margaret Williamson-Logistics/Marketing


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