8/10/1 Thunder Gumbo Rises #danceparty w @DIRTYFINGER @BARNEYILLER @TINSELTOWN @BRASSTRACKS $5 #cheapbooze

Thousands of hundreds of years ago...there was a time...

...mammoths ruled the plains with an iron tusk...

...fur was not only in fashion...it was the ONLY fashion...

....and every sport was a winter sport.

Raise your bones and join us as as the Iceman Cometh all over the dance floor this Friday. Tranvestite cave-kings and cave-queens of old will de-terraform the House of Yes into a bitter winter underland with prehistoric lazerbeams, and 10,000 year old icy breezes billowing through their brand new A.D. system.
Watch out for snow balls.
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Barney Iller


and a live performance by Brass Tacks

Also featuring variety and burlesque performances at midnight, hosted by the Abominable Guncle, and a surprise visit by a pagan S&M deity (if you're naughty).

Costumes highly encouraged: drag queens of the stone-age, sabertoothed trannies, or just grow out your natural fur.
August 10th
$5 before 11pm.
$10 in costume or wearing blue or white. $15 in boring clothes with no effort.

@The House of Yes
342 Maujer St, BKLYN. L Train to Grand, then follow the arctic breeze.
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