10/19/12- Thunder Gumbo #danceparty #costumeparty w @DirtyFinger @JoroBoro x Friar Tuck + mo' $10

hey call them debates, we call them torture...now America will get 

On October 19th, Thunder Gumbo will turn the executive branch of The House of Yes into a bondage/torture fest of constitutional
proportions- where you can whip and humiliate your favorite presidential candidates with any penal code you want!

It's a presidential race to be the top- where the future of freedom will be decided by domination! 

Friar Tuck

Joro Boro


& More to be announced

Friday, October 19th, 10pm-6am
@ The (white) House of Yes (Pain) - 342 Maujer St., L train to Grand.

$10 in costume, before 12 or after 330, $15 in boring clothes

Costume Suggestions: democratic dominatrix, log-jamming republicans, zombie congressman, dead dictators, vampire lobbyists,

green party wood nymphs, a Florida voting/circumcision machine, homeless big bird, the phantom of our civil liberties, and any

kind of fetish gear.

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