#halloween 10/27/12- Secret Project Robot w #livemusic #danceparty FREE!

Flown, Delphic Sybil, Holy God,La Guadalupe, Rat Attack  
This show is a visual, sonic, and performative collaboration between the artists wi
th the intention of holding space for, confronting and dancing with death. There will be a giant altar inside a haunted castle, consciousness-altering drones, sparklers, heavy riffs, rock and roll, a ritual sacrifice, psychic flight AND MUCH MORE!!!

DELPHIC SYBIL >>> "In an attempt to slay ego of herself and the show audience, and to show the necessary duality of harmony and chaos, and in an effort to reconcile any childhood issues with mothers, the Delphic Sibyl will perform a Death and Rebirth ritual invoking and dedicated to the Hindu Goddess of Chaos and Destruction: Kali. A young man will be chosen, killed, and escorted through the halls of hell to meet Kali, his mother, and ultimately become Kali, while Kali is reincarnated into our current reality." www.delphicsybil.com

FLOWN >>> Experimental stoner rock witches who will melt your face and enact their performance-as-ritual to transport you into the realm of psychic flight. www.flown.bandcamp.com

RAT ATTACK >>> Spooky violin + guitar, mems Knife Hyts, Dubknowdub

HOLY GOD >>> Two goddesses on drums + guitar using ethereal vocals + incantations + percussive textures to put you into a rock and roll trance. www.soundcloud.com/holy-god

LA GUADALUPE >>> Heavy low-end bass drone ambience + gamelon style percussion to alter your consciousness.


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