Hurricane Sandy all NYC events pretty much a no go!

By now you must of heard about Sandy!  And im not talking about the chick you met last night at TheWoods. Due to its potential insane massive apocalyptic mass mostly everything in NYC has been cancelled for the next two days. No Subway or Bus service, schools are closed, and even the local Chinese take out has called it quits for the next 24 hours. Anything we have posted for 10/29-10/30 has either been totally cancelled or rescheduled (which we post with any new updates) We hope all our party readers keep safe and wish for the best in any low ground area in and near NYC.  And!! Fingers crossed for a dry Halloween, last year was a bust with a Octoblizzard but heeelllll no are we giving it up for another year, hell no! :)

Stay dry, safe and load up on the booze!

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