1/12/13- NHS SNOWFLAKE SEMIFORMAL w @JessicaDelfino #livemusic #danceparty #photobooth #nyc $10

The NHS Snowflake Semiformal in the Winter of 1992 was a night to remember...as tens of fashion-forward pre-teens crammed into a festively decorated City Hall for a night of Ace of Base, the Roger Rabbit, awkward groping and memories to last a lifetime. Everyone was there. Everyone, that is, except one girl....
One girl came to the dance with boundless excitement, but left with her dreams of sweaty hand-holding romance dashed to pieces. She had unknowingly broken a rule by being home sick from school that day, and despite her confirmed straight-A record and fragile social status as an unabashed nerd, her teachers turned her away...and she left, alone, to walk home in the snow. (IN THE SNOW!!!)
It's 22 years later. The girl is all grown up and then some, living a kickass life in New York City. Yet, something's missing - it's always been missing. This girl wants her Snowflake Semiformal, and she's finally gonna have it!
And best of all, YOU'RE INVITED!
Come out to the Fifth Estate for the 22nd Anniversary of the Snowflake Semiformal...a Pre-2K dance party with all the charm of an awkward high school/junior high mixer. (Only this time, there's booze!) 
90's or 90s inspired ATTIRE REQUIRED.  Be creative - the whole decade is up for grabs!
Live performance from the exuberant TOYS AND TINY INSTRUMENTS!
Hosted and roasted by the lovely and talented comedienne, JESSICA DELFINO!
Better than Olan Mills: Memorialize the evening and your outfit at our cheesy SEMIFORMAL "PHOTO BOOTH"!
Featuring humiliating activities, contests, surprises and special guest performers throughout the night!
Doors 9 PM, show begins shortly thereafter.  Limited Tickets available at the door.  21+. Cash Bar.  snowflakesemiformal.eventbrite.com

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