3/9/13- WOLFBAT'S ARK at #houseofvans w @Wolfbatstudios @DennisMcNett w @yuppicide x @Hessian LIVE x DJ @dirtyfinger w #freefood #openbar #freedrinks #nycparty @5borornyc RSVP NOW!

Wolfbat’s Ark

What to expect:
-Wolfbats Ark : An interactive narrative performance of the Wolfbat Tribe slaying the demons and storm surge sent by the gods through hurricane Sandy.
A 24ft Ark and 30 ft  storm surge wave
-Bands- Yuppicide and Hessian
-5 giant piñatas
-food and drinks

House of Vans
25 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

March 9th 8pm-12pm

Yuppicide, Hessian, DJ DIRTYFINGER, food, drinks, pinatas loaded with gear from Vans, Juxtapoz, Antihero, Spitfire, Shirts and Destroy, Death Traitors, Volcom, 5BORO, and Wolfbat Studios.   

The gods purpose is always to keep the spirits of giants, humans, and the Wolfbat tribe in a state of discontentment, sorry, and pain. They sent a storm surge of massive proportions to Gotham. The storm caused great damage but little did they know the Wolfbat had conjured a huge Ark to weather the surge and protect the breath of those dwelling in NYC. It caused great damage to the property and morale of those residing. The Wolfbat tribe fought off some of the demons of the surge and although temporarily in turmoil, the residence have rose above and rebuilt. Once again the gods have underestimated the spirit of the Wolfbat.

100% of all proceeds go to Rockaway Renegades for hurricane relief : http://www.rockawayrenegades.com/

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