TONIGHT 2/22/13- ABRACADABRA W/ @DIRTYFINGER @SistineCriminal @common_username & Exceed Eternal #warehouseparty #danceparty FREE b4 MIDNITE

W/ @DIRTYFINGER @SistineCriminal @common_username & Exceed Eternal!
I’ve got the LATE set, for this BK warehouse fun. 
“There are lots of things going down in the darkness of this great city.
In the witching hour some of us know how to make magic. We transform a simple weekend night into a series of endless supernatural moments.One night is a lifetime we spend living every thrill we can find. We can slow time and delay the impending dawn. Yet the persistent sun must return and we greet it with a mischievous smile.ABRACADABRA!No tricks… just magic.We’re re-invoking the soul of the underground here…TRUST US.Expect Djs, dancing, live music, live art, performances and magic.Featuring! Sistine CriminalsDJ Exceed EternalDJ Tinseltown (special invocation mix)Dirtyfinger& moreThe Amazing Fortune Telling Jacquelina!(semi-automated gypsy)Snacks & Nail art by It’s Veggie Time& Andriana SantiagoShamanic art installation.Dharma Agustina’s BIRTHDAY!Hosted by Dr. AdventureDoors by Guru Nice Nice80 Vernon Ave. BrooklynFREE BEFORE MIDNIGHT$7 AfterTHOSE IN CAPES AND TOP HATS GET SURPRISES.
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FREE b4 MIDNITE! $7 after

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