Take note! @Ideasmyth Pitch-Palooza Some random event for you #writers

IDEASMYTH.com’s Pitch-Palooza gives you the rare opportunity to pitch your creative writing concept—be it an article, book, script—to an expert media panel. Each participant has two minutes to pitch the panel a teaser of their project, and then will receive on-the-spot coaching that will be educational to the whole audience. The April 9th event, at DROM in the East Village, will include panelists Michael Darden—Founder and President, Perfect Pitch Media Relations Inc. (www.perfectpitch-media.com ); Katherine Wessling—freelance editor who has been on staff at Esquire and other publications; as well as a major literary agent. Only 15 candidates will be selected to participate, so all interested writers need to submit their 1-page pitch in advance to Events@IDEASMYTH.com by April 4th. Please include your full name and contact information within your pitch page. $20 in advance / $28 at the door.

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