We are still going strong 2013 thanks to you guys~

Want to always thank everyone for the continued support of making THEPRINTUPLIST a true blog on a friend level. I love seeing everyone at events and making the experiences to getting into events fun and a success. In 2008 there were only a couple of sites that provided NYC with the insider knowledge of what was going on in the nightlife of NYC and how to get in, and now fast forward a 5 years and there are plenty to go around. I wanted to thank you loyal guys for sticking around and making THEPRINTUPLIST a daily visit. No matter how cluttered the internet is going to get with content sharing and of course stealing I try to make THEPRINTUPLIST as REAL as possible. 

In support I always ask to  keep clicking the sponsor ads, go to our posted events, follow us on twitter and like THEPRINTUPLIST on facebook!

Its spring so keep an eye out for our posting of more outdoor events, live concerts, free booze and giveaways.

Until then..

See you on the dance floor,

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