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Thursday, May 23

Reading: Silas Howard, T.L. Cowan "Marci Blackman" Tradition at Bluestockings
Chinatown/LES: 172 Allen street, 7pm

Benefit: "Elastic City Spring Benefit" at Elastic City (starting point)
Chinatown/LES: 127 Pitt Street, 40-150, 7-10pm

Alix Lambert, Gary Carrion-Murayari, Kadar Brock, Lina Bertucci "Artist Portraites" curated by Jessica Hodin at Bleecker Street Arts Club
Soho: 305 Bleecker street, 6:30-7:45pm

Alison Donalty, Beau Chamberlain, Christine Blackburne, Dustin Cohen, Eli Neugeboren, Erika Munro, Gustavo Marx, Jess Koehler, Jessica Musumeci, JK5, Margaret Malandruccolo, Mark Tucker, Matt Furman, Mike Rubendall "GOOD Work" curated by Tricia Scott - MergeLeft Artist Agents at Fig.19
Soho: 131 1/2 Chrystie street, 6:30am

Jimmie James "PlayTime" curated by Sophie Bréchu-West at Fair Folks & a Goat
Soho: 96 W Houston street, 7-9pm

Alan Moore, Amy Westpfahl, Josh MacPhee, Matt Bua, Raven Chacon, Renzo Ortega "Failsafe" Process & Progress in Failure at Bullet Space - Urban Artist Collaborative
4 Street: 292 E 3 street , 7-9pm

Theresa Byrnes "Sparrow Heart" at Theresa Byrnes Studio & Project Space
9 street: 616 E 9 street, 5-9pm

Kevin Fey "Color Unbound" at Underline Gallery
14 street: 238 W 14 street, 6:30-8:30pm

Govinda Sah ŒAzad‚ "The Universe Within" curated by Zola Nyambuu at Tibet House Museum/Gallery
15 street: 22 W 15 street, 6-8pm
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? Shio Kusaka at Anton Kern
20 street: 532 W 20 street, (time not confirmed, check with gallery)

Jesse Pasca "Star Skin" at Galerie Protégé
22 street: 197 Ninth avenue, lower level, 6-9pm
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Terry Evans "Inhabited Prairie" at Yancey Richardson Gallery
22 street: 535 W 22 street, floor 3, 6-8pm

Takuma Nakahira "Circulation: Date, Place, Events" at Yossi Milo Gallery
24 street: 245 Tenth Avenue, 6-8pm

Heide Hatry "Not A Rose" at Stefan Stux Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, Free, 6-8pm

Rose Weinstock "Additional Architectural Paintings" at Blue Mountain Gallery
25 street: 530 W 25 street, floor 4, 5-8pm

Naama Bade "Unbounded" at The Watertank Project
26 street: 601 W 26 street, suit 302, 6-9pm

Judith Schaechter "The Battle of Carnival and Lent" at Claire Oliver
26 street: 513 W 26 street, 6-8pm

Naama Bade "Artist in Residence Showcase" curated by The Water Tank Project at The Watertank Project
26 street: 601 W 26 street, suit 302, 6-9pm

Susan Bee "Criss Cross" New Paintings at Accola Griefen Gallery
27 street: 547 W 27 street, suite 634, 6-8pm

Monica Bock "Without Irreverence" at SOHO20 Gallery
27 street: 547 W 27 street, suite 301, 6-8pm

Nefertiti Ingalls "Identity is the Way I Look" at SOHO20 Gallery
27 street: 547 W 27 street, suite 301, 6-8pm

Jason Evans "Monkey Face" Pictures for Looking At, Drawing for Photography at Aperture Foundation
27 street: 547 W 27 street, floor 4, 6-8pm

Gongsan Kim "Trampled Ember" at SOHO20 Gallery
27 street: 547 W 27 street, suite 301, 6-8pm

Hyemin Lee "Memories" curated by Sunny Shin at COOHAUS
27 street: 547 W 27th St, 307, 6-8pm

Ted Lawson "CRUDE" at Emmanuel Fremin Gallery
27 street: 547 West 27th Street, suite 508, 6-8pm

Jennifer Murray "Never Ending Story" at Porter Contemporary
28 street: 548 W. 28th st, 3, 6:30-8:30pm

Benefit: "Elastic City Spring Benefit" at EFA (The Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts)
39 street: 323 W 39 street, $40-$150, 7:30-10:30pm

Panel Discussion: Douglas Crimp, Jens Hoffmann "Where Is Jack Goldstein?" at The Jewish Museum
92 street: 1109 Fifth avenue, at 92 street, 6:30pm

Panel Discussion: Bessie Mcdonough-Thayer, Jack Ferver, Jacob Slominski, Naomi Elena Ramirez at Center for Performance Research (CPR)
Brooklyn, Williamsburg: 361 Manhattan avenue, Unit 1, $10.00, 7:30pm

+ Alina Tenser, Bridget Batch + Kevin Cooley, Constantin Hartenstein, Daniel Seiple, Gabriel Hosovsky, Heather Delaney, Jacob Tonski, Lindsay Packer, Michael H Hall, Roland Wegerer "Videorover" Season 6 at NURTUREart Gallery
Brooklyn, Bushwick: 56 Bogart Street, 7-9pm

and other local artists, Claire Breidenbach "Group Show" curated by Esther Nash atTownHouse Art Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 501 2nd St, 6-8pm

Brooke McGowen ""Lovers in Gold"" at TownHouse Art Gallery
Brooklyn, Misc.: 46 4th avenue, 6-8pm
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+ Auction: "Curating for a Cure" curated by Jackie Cantwell, Molly Myer at The Bishop
Brooklyn, Misc.: 916 Bedford Avenue, $20-$45, 7-10pm

Performance: Peter Evans, Tyondai Braxton, Yarn/Wire at Issue Project Room
Brooklyn, Misc.: 22 Boerum Place, 8pm

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