8/9/13- SiSiSi! @thehouseofyes w @gekojones (@QueBajo), @Myk2melo @DIRTYFINGER @sonidomartines + mo HUGE #DANCEPARTY $10

Fri: SiSiSi! at @thehouseofyes
@gekojones (@QueBajo), @Myk2melo (Cumba Mela), @DIRTYFINGER (Gold Whistle, ESO!!) @sonidomartines (La Paz Bollivia) & an ALIVE?! performance from Liquid Nailz.
Amazing line-up at the always fun House Of Yes. Sadly they are moving to a new spot soon, so I’m excited to play another party under their towering ceiling! Global? Bass? Booty? Si! Si! Si! :) I love all these artist, check some sounds and a glimpse of our VERY special guest the 8 foot tall LIQUID NAILZ. Let’s get weird and have some fun….  

House Of Yes 342 Maujer Brooklyn (Get Facebooked)

with Liquid Nailz.... which is this 8 foot talk crazy thang...

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