11/23/13- THE INFAMOUS #RUBULAD #danceparty plus details about its controversy. GO at your own risk!

Sat: #RUBULAD! at The Red Lotus Room w/ @DIRTYFINGER @djsmallchange @morriconeyouth + + +
Madam Wu’s Good Luck Banquet of the Senses-or-Last Ride on the Orient Expresswith live music by:Morricone YouthThe New York Fowl (New York Howl reunion)with your dj’s:$mall ¢hangeDJ Dirty FingerKount Zyr0plus special guests from faraway landsin the Cabaret Room:CornMoThe Mysteries of SolomonNate Hill in “Trophy Scarves”The Mourning GloriesVintage Cartoons on Film by Thomas Stathesplus:Aerial Amazement by Kae BurkeModern Dance Awareness SocietyLight Circus Extraordinaire by Norm FrancouerVisuals by The Sperm WhaleOpen Sesame NoodlesAncient Chinese Secretsand much, much more!Dress for travels along the Silk Road, tea with the Emperor, cooliecouture, dragon dancing, silk pajamas.10 Yuan before 11:00 or way late; 20 Yuan otherwise. Doors 10:00; show 11:00.At The Red Lotus Room - 893 Bergen Street bet. Franklin and Classon.C train to Franklin Ave. Walk with traffic on Franklin, take a righton Bergen.Our rules apply, but smoking in the yard or on the roof, pls. Pleasehave I.D. that says you’re 21+.For best results at the door, we do recommend arriving before 12:30 orafter 1:30.Confucius say fun is good.
21+ $10-20 893 Bergan BK (Get Facebooked)

The Printup List in no form supports racism or the exploitation of a race/culture of person. I am Native American and myself have been apart of social action groups to honor equal rights for any race/culture/tribe/ethnicity/sex of person. It was only a couple mins ago was this brought to my knowledge about the stereotype and racially sensitive theme of this party. I have decided not to remove it from my site but rather keep it up along with any supporting articles about its context. I apologize for not addressing this sooner and am happy my readers have pointed this out. I changed it the second I was able to access my computer.

 ThePrintuplist is a free service by the people for ALL people! 

Here are some of the articles regarding the controversy.



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