12/10/13- #HumanRightsDay #PeaceinCongo Mega Event FREE w RSVP

This December 10th, at the Bowery Hotel, Falling Whistles is celebrating the progress made toward peace in Congo, and uniting to demand a complete end of the deadliest war of our time.

Last December, when the M23 rebels retreated from Goma (a capital city in Congo), their partner Sekombi decided to throw a party. 2000 Congolese people came out, and danced the night away. This year, following the complete defeat of M23, he's doing it again, and Falling Whistles is doing it with him.

In 20 cities and 5 continents across the world, join them in a global moment of unity for peace in Congo. Join them in New York City for the celebration.

Human Rights Day. Worldwide.

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