1/24/14- Annika's 8th Annual Birthday Pool Party w #swimming #cheapbooze #livemusic #danceparty FREE w RSVP

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It's freezing, let's go swimming!

RSVP Reminder: Annika's 8th Annual Birthday Pool Party is Friday, January 24th!

Dear Friends of ThePrintupList,
It's time to RSVP my pool party. I heard reports that the email address in the last email was broken, so if you plan to come to the pool party please send your name and your guests names to:


This year's party is Friday, January 24th at 9pm at Grace Hotel on 125 West 45th Street between 6th and 7th Ave.
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Get ready to sip, splash, celebrate, & swim!
Bring your bathing suits and bikinis.
Towels, changing rooms, swimming pool, steam room, & sauna are all on site. Mandatory coat check $4 per item (so bring a bag to put your change of clothes in).
Friends are welcome, so please feel free to share this invite and bring (good looking) guests.
Cash bar, no cover, swimming & dancing all night.
The party starts at 9pm and goes 'till 3am or closing.
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Those of you who have been in years past know how wildly fun this party can be, so I need not say more.
New friends: I encourage you to bring your swim suits even if you think you will be shy and not swim. Trust me, once the drinks kick in you will probably wish you came prepared to party!
The party is in the same location as before at the Grace Hotel (former hotel QT for those of you who made it to the previous pool parties) which is located at 125 West 45th Street between 6th and 7th on the north side of the street.
RSVP by sending an email to:rsvp4thepoolparty@gmail.com
Be sure to include your name and the names of all who will be attending with you in the subject line, so all are on the list.
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Please note, though I have the entire venue for my party, guests arriving after midnight may have to wait in line if it gets really crowded so please try and come around 10pm to ensure easy entry. Also the steam room and sauna will close at 11pm so please come early if you wish to indulge in the heat.

Oh and in case you have never been to one of my birthday pool parties before, please note that there are 5 simple Rules to Remember:

Five Simple Party Rules:

1. NO Dunking, chicken fights, or excessive splashing! --There is no life gaurd, this party is swim at your own risk, so we don't want to see anyone get hurt.
2. NO lewd PHOTOS on FB or other Social Media. -- Last year I was very strict and said NO photos at all. However many of you found this too dull, so I have relaxed the rules and
I will have a photographer and allow for limited photos. That said, please be tasteful and selective in what you post. Out of respect for all my friends with corporate jobs and/or spouses, I request that you please limit your picture taking impulses to a minimum & be please be extremely modest in what you post on FB/twitter/instagram as this party gets WILD!
3. BRING YOUR BATHING SUIT -Men especially no one wants to see you swimming in your underwear.
4. Invite ALL your cool & good looking friends! This party is more fun when the pool is packed with fun & pretty people!
5. Share rules #1-4 with the friends you bring.

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