Special Invite to JOIN @BirchBox monthly #beauty x #makeup sample #subscriptionbox THEPRINTUPLIST exclusive invite to JOIN! $10/month

This Month's Box
Do you love mail? Makeup? Samples? Pretend its fashion week every month with BirchBox.
For only $10 a month you will get your own catered and unique box of makeup and beauty samples ( and sometime even full sized products) to try out. You then get to review each item for $$$ that can be cashed out for Large Products on their site. Its a member only club and it usual has a long waitlist. But the wonderful ladies at Birchbox is giving ThePrintuplist readers exclusive line cutting access to JOIN NOW using my special VIP link: https://www.birchbox.com/invite/ThePrintupList

Take a look above and below at what was inside my boxes I received so far. I love getting mail and goodies!


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