4/16/14- Feral Objects #artopening #groupshow @CREONGALLERY #freebooze FREE ENTRY

curated by Peggy Cyphers & Lucio Pozzi

1. (esp. of an animal) in a wild state, esp. after escape from captivity or domestication.
synonyms: wild, untamed, untamable, undomesticated, untrained 
April 16 to May 14, 2014
CREON, 238 E 24 St, 1B (near 2 Ave)

Opening Reception, Wednesday, April 16,  6 to 9 pm

Each artist is represented by one of their more feral works for this wild group show.
Alyssa E. Fanning, Christy Rupp, Debra Drexler, Emily Cheng, Ford Crull, Gary Stephan, George Quasha, Gwenn Thomas, Hans Breder, Isobel Davis, Jane Fire, Jill Levine, KK Kozik, Kylie Heidenheimer, Linda DiGusta, Linda Levit, Linda Schrank, Liz Ainslie, Lorenza Sannai, Marthe Keller, Nancy Grimes, Pam Longobardi, Peggy Cyphers, Raquel Rabinovich, Robert G. Edelman, Ruth Hardinger, Shawn Dulaney, Stephen Rosenthal, Steve Keister, Susan Smith, Susanna Tanger, Suzanne Joelson and Taissia Basaria

238 E 24 St, 1B, (near 2 Ave)
New York, NY 10010
646-265-5508  norm@creongallery.com

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