5/3/14- #HOLINYC 2014 Festival of Colors GET MESSY and CELEBRATE SPRING! Get yo' tixs now!

Event Info

Festival of Colors: Holi NYC is a joyous celebration of the coming of spring. It is a night of revelry full of DJs, bands, delicious food, and great people. It is a time when social barriers collapse, and all are united in joyful celebration. It is a time to throw vibrantly colored powder at your friends and strangers, and dance together as one huge colorful mass of beautiful people.
Q: What's the deal with this powder stuff?
A: You throw it at people, and (with their permission) rub it on their faces.
Q: Won't I get messy though?
A: Yes, YOU WILL GET MESSY. Please wear clothing that you won't be too stressed about if it gets colorful. The powder is designed not to stain, but its probably not the evening to be breaking out the white mink.
Q: Is it safe?
A: Yes. It's made from cornstarch and food dye. We ask that people refrain from throwing powder into people's eyes or mouth, but accidents do happen. If this worries you, you should consider wearing sunglasses and/or a bandana.
Q: Can I bring my own powder? what about paint?
A: Definitely not. Unfortunately we cannot verify that yours is safe like ours is.
Q: Will there be food or drink?
A: Yes. There will be a selection of delicious food trucks, and a cash bar.
Q: Can I bring my own refreshments?
A: Sorry, but no.
Q: What kind of music will there be?
A: We are still booking artists. However, if you want to get an idea, click on "Music" above to check out the music from previous years. This year we are going to have a slightly more band heavy beginning of the day, with a more electronic evening.
Q: Where is it?
A: A massive outdoor space in Brooklyn, with a smaller indoor area. More details coming soon...

The Cultural Performing Arts Center @ Pulse 48
2:00pm May 3, 2014

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