PrintupList exclusive: NEW SUMMER TREND ALERT! Wrap your wrists with Manifest! Blessing bracelets!

Manifest Fashion was founded in 2011 from the inspiration and concept of Teffilin,
a religious practice where men in the Jewish faith bind the Shema prayer
in small leather boxes to the left arm and forehead during morning meditation.
Manifest wraps embody cultural tradition and spiritual practice with high fashion trendsand create a new and exciting way of personal expression through faith and fashion.
Each wrap contains a special blessing for different purpose:
blessing for health and healing, blessing for abundance,blessing for love and marriage,blessing for spirituality.
Manifest Fashion wraps and headpieces are individually branded with custom designed hardware which calls to tradition and high fashion trends.
Printuplist Readers are invited to gain first VIP access to the launch of the e-shop for Manifest.  
We hope you find the right blessing bracelet for you. Make sure to share a pic of you wearing your Manifest @theprintuplist #manifest

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