11/17/14- The Old Souls Collection Launch Party w #livemusic #freebooze + mo #williamsburg RSVP NOW

Bk (www.dotbk.com) is launching its second collection, Old Souls, with an immersive pop-up and industrial lounge in South Williamsburg. The Old Souls collection is dedicated to young individuals preserving pieces of a simpler past against the background of an urban, technological landscape.

The Old Souls Lounge is dominated by an installation of experimental steel furniture, elements of an industrial Brooklyn -- a clash of recycled steel and industrial relics reminding of ancient traditions. The retail design concept was created & directed by Sante Miceli Studio specifically for .Bk.

Join us for a night of music and refreshments to celebrate the release of Old Souls, and an exclusive to shop the new collection before it goes online.



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