ThePrintupList readers RIDE FREE with #UBER! Join Now for $30 towards a ride anywhere in #NYC!

Uber has teamed up with ThePrintuplist to offer my readers a safe and fancy way to get to and from the party.
Its your own private driver service, like a taxi, at just the click of your cell phone.
Why roll up to a party in a yellow cab or an obvious gypsy car when you can show up like a VIP.
Or when you are drunk trying to hail a taxi during the 3am last call and have to battle people for it or the horrible 6am walk of shame?!
You literally click which car you want, where you want to go, get an estimate cpst, and select. So far all my rides have been the lower of the estimated charge and in only 2 -5 mins a car is out side.
There is no need to take out your cash, or swipe a card because just by a tap of your phone you are either paying via paypal or a saved card.
Its cheaper, faster and oh so much nicer (no lingering puke smells from the last rider)

If you don't trust me now is your chance to try it out.

Join Uber (either via link or Download on your smart phone)

Enter promo code KP185

You will be gifted $30 to spend on any kind of travel anywhere in NYC
Tip is included

And BOOM all done.
Let me know how your first ride was in the comments below.
Happy Riding!

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