/3/9/15- ITS STILLLLLL WINTER and we arent talking about the weather! How about some theater to ease the #wintertime blues?

3/9/15: 5-10Still Winter

Yeah, it's Still Winter. Arctic Blasts, Polar Vortexes, we've got your number. And it's subzero. 

Here are six 10-minute plays that will warm your heart, tickle your funnybone, and make you forget the cold for a brief heavenly moment. Until someone holds the door open too long and the cold has followed you yet again. But let that go, and revel in all your favorite people doing their favorite things...

Come out for a nice (warm) night of theater brought to you by plumage.!

Written By: Adin Lenahan, Elijah Guo, Lily Padilla, Daria Miyeko Marinelli, Charly Evon Simpson, and Joy Tomasko

Directed By: Karen Eilbacher, Avriel Hillman, Osh Ghanimah, Lilleth Glimcher, Eric Powell Holm, and Michael Raine. 

Place: The Alchemical Theatre Laboratory, 104 W 14th St., New York, NY 10011
Time: 8:00pm
Price: $10 on Brown Paper Tickets, $12 at the door

Hosted by plumage. a Writers' Group collaboration between Blackbird Delight and Marrow's Edge

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