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Its that time of the year where I do a quick check in to make sure YOU ARE IN THE KNOW!

ThePrintupList is your in to what we think is the best of shizzz NYC has to offer. We scan all the events and post what we feel offers the best in free booze, live music, giveaways and other craziness. We hook you up with free entry, rsvp deets and cheap tickets.

We are growing and now sharing with you designers and artists that we think YOU need to totally know about. Brands that we think embody the same cool as the parties we promote. Check our side banner and get to know a few of them. Click the pics and help support the brands we think are fucking awesome.

ThePrintupList is a DL, Underground secret that is totally ok to share, tell and re-post.
Seriously, the bigger we get the more events we can share with you guys.

We all on all social media via @ThePrintuplist.
Make sure to follow us evvveeerrrrrywhere as sometime we post exclusive to that social outlet event deets. I especially say follow our IG account, this way youll get to know a little more about me, my life, my fam and the parties I attend aside from all the party invites.
If you are the lazy kind I recommend joining our mailing list where everyday youll get an email highlighting whats newly post.

So there yah have it in a nut shell...
thePrintupList is cool shizzz that gets you into cool shizzz that share with you cool shizz so be cool shizzz and share this shizzz.

Youre the best!

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