WEAR THIS TONIGHT- ELEANOR KALLE sleek/raw #jewelry for the edge you need to stand out at any #NYCPARTY @EleanorKalle

Eleanor Kalle

There is a beauty that ignites when you compliment a bare outfit with a simple piece of jewelry. Sometimes the busy scene of any NYC event needs to be muffled by something simple and elegant, not loud, overpowering or cliche.  An all black dress with the addition of just a hidden gold ear cuff will be that surprise you need when you are in the middle of talking to that special someone and you flirtatiously tuck your hair behind your ears. Pure elegance, simplicity and mystery.

 Meet Eleanor Kalle, the dazzling jewelry line by Amy Mazius and Randi Tutelman. Juxtaposing sleek/raw, soft/strong, & glamour/grit, making this the perfect line for just about any style of party girl.
Beautifully crafted to fit the style of the modern woman with a sophistication that is playful and also edgy.

My personal favorite is to experiment with ear beauty. Ear cuffs, ear jackets, and ear crawlers add an extra hint of potency to even your daytime looks. I love having un paired earrings on and just putting my hair up in a simple pony tail. Its a perfect excuse to still have a hint of glamour even on those messy hair days. 

Eleanor Kalle creates sleek/raw jewelry for the strong/sexy woman. All jewelry is designed and handmade with love in NYC. Arm yourself in Eleanor Kalle. Printuplist readers recieve %15 off their purchase with code: PRINTUP at checkout. Share your Eleanor Kalle looks with #theprintuplist via Instagram to be reposted and featured on ThePrintupList! We want to see how you wear #EleanorKalle!

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