SHHHHHHH a true NYC experience is here for you to experience along with an exclusive discount!

Shh! Speak easy.

There is a historic Broadway theater in the heart of Times Square where the ghost of its former star haunts. It has been shuttered since Prohibition ended. Step through a secret portal and be transported back in time to Florenz Ziegfeld’s risqué 1920’s Midnight Frolic. Don't believe me? Watch the video.

You will be given a passport, a role and an unforgettable experience. You'll watch an incredible show featuring chanteuses, burleseque dancers and a human chandelier. Afterwards, you'll travel to Montmartre in Paris where you'll visit the infamous Cabaret du Néant where you can drink "poison" and watch a beautiful maiden turn into a revolting corpse. You'll be staying at the Hotel Ritz where you can sleuth a murder. You may even be invited to attend a champagne orgy with some of the hotel's celebrity guests.

Click on the baggage claim ticket for more information on how you can be a part of this adventure.  We are currently offering 30% off tickets for this weekend with the promotional code Fame.


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