8/15/15- @SPACEVP #Kickstarter Launch Party w #freebooze #openbar #giveaways + much mo' #BEanAstronaut FREE w RSVP

Join us in cities all across the planet for launch parties to celebrate the start of the SpaceVR project!

SpaceVR will send a 360-degree, 3D, ultra-high-definition camera rig (OVERVIEW ONE) into space to capture images of the universe for people stuck here on Earth to explore. Overview One's first stop: the International Space Station! Experience what it's like to be an astronaut using virtual-reality headsets, smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Entry to our launch party is absolutely free! Come enjoy refreshments, get free giveaways, win door prizes, and meet other people who love the grandeur and majesty of outer space and want to become a part of the future of space exploration!

150 Broadway
20th Floor
RSVP Here!

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