2/27/16- ZODIACK PT X: The Aeon of Aquarius themed monthly party #danceparty RSVP NOW

When: Sat, Feb 27th 9p-4a
Where: 200 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn NY. 

ZODIACK PT X: The Aeon of Aquarius

 Zodiack is a themed monthly party full of music, dancing, and libations celebrating the birth of all creatures. Each party is attributed to the current sign, as we deliver an atmospheric experience encompassing its astrological essence.

Aquarius, the visionary water-bearer, holds the the substance of life herself, respecting all that is innovative and full of human spirit.

Beginning with free beer by Radiant Pig from 9-10, ZODIACK takes you through an airy loft space engulfed by city lights. Submerge into monumental sounds, multi-projection visuals / installations, transcendent performances, and a very special premiere of CELESTIAL TRAX's music video by ZODIACK. Lineup includes Geng, False Witness, Celestial Trax, Kazuki Koga and more.

$8 with RSVP, $12 otherwise, $free for Aquarius

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