Enjoy this amazing Brooklyn brewed Caribbean traditional drink at your next event! #NzingaKnight #Sorrel

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel
ThePrintupList family can not say enough about this yummy treat. Nzinga Knight's Brooklyn brewed Sorrel is a perfect addition to any event. You can enjoy this traditional Caribbean non alcoholic beverage on ice or as a mix with your favorite rum. Its spicy and sweet and for only $12 you can feel like you are sitting back on a beach in the middle of tropical heat.
We hope you trust us and support local artisanal vendors like Nzinga Knight for your next party.

In accordance with more than 400 years of Caribbean tradition, Nzinga Knight’s Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is made exclusively from raw and natural ingredients: sorrel flowers, ginger roots and spices, and sweetened with cane sugar. It is Brewed and then aged to perfection. Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel takes you on a surprising taste journey with its rich, smooth, sweet and spicy, full bodied, complex and refreshing taste profile. Best of all, its Non-Alcoholic, Anti-oxidant rich, high in Vitamin C and contains just 25mg of sugar per 8 oz serving!

Taste profile
Slightly sweet: Sweetness comes from the sorrel flower and cane sugar
Spicy and Savory: Ginger and various spices give this drink a complex spiciness that often feels like an effervescent burst that lasts for moments and fades at the end
Smooth, Rich and Aged to Perfection: During the natural ageing process ingredients blend together to create the perfect drink. 
Orders ship out within 2 business days and are received within 3-6 business days (depending on nearness to NY). For additional help or questions email: brewed@nzingaknight.com 

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