3/24/16- Heres a #purimparty to check out w #freebooze #freefood #danceparty #ALL ARE WELCOMED! FREE Entry

You are cordially invited to A Whole New Megillah Does Amerikuh --- a performative and interactive party annually occupying the Jewish holiday of Purim next 

Thursday, March 24th, 7:30 PM.

Purim is about dressing up in costume and getting drunk enough to blur the lines between good and evil. This year will merge the ancient themes of Purim with the bi-partisanship of the 2016 American Presidential Election... exploring and expanding that thin line between good and evil

An open bar will guide the party-goers on their journey into mischief and revelry.

Interactive installations including masks of your favorite politicians! Dress up as Donald TrumpTed CruzHillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, 
               Punch Trump and Cruz square in the kisser without consequence or bash in some Trump piñata effigies  for some hands-on fun!

*** Masks, nipple pasties, light snacks, drinks, and LoVE will be provided ***
 DJ [ onlyponyoni ] will be democratically dropping those beats

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