6/11/16- Get #FREETICKETS to a @northsidefestival show NOW!

Use the code "KASHI" to get a complimentary pair of tickets! RSVP here for the concert on Saturday June 11th @ 5pm.

One of the true marquee events of the 2016 Northside schedule will bring indie-rock hero Conor Oberst and crossover country star Kacey Musgraves to the heart of Williamsburg’s McCarren Park for an special co-headlining show that may never be repeated.      

Conor Oberst's startling voice, its sound and its sincerity, set him apart from a precocious age. He fronted his first band, Commander Venus when he was just 15, and the songwriting skills he honed early let his next project, Bright Eyes, truly resonate, chronicling youth with clear eyes, an open heart, and an electric jolt. The folk and country explorations of his solo career have only deepened that appeal.

Kacey Musgraves is a still-rising superstar who defies easy categorization, topping the country charts while drawing fans in pop and indie circles. Over two smash albums, 2013’s Same Trailer Different Park and 2015’s Pageant Material, Musgraves has emerged as the new face of classic Nashville songcraft.

Northside Festival is thrilled to provide an opportunity for the two longtime admirers to finally take the same stage on a summer night. Saturday, June 11th. Write it down, cross your hearts, meet us there.   

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